sustainable butter

We must change the fundaments of making pastry and make it more sustainable by replacing animal-derived ingredients with plant-based alternatives. However, such a change must not mean that you will compromise on taste, mouthfeel and workability.

Be Better Plant-butter

At Be Better My Friend, we have over 100 years of pastry experience. We are passionate about the science and the art. It took us 2 years to design a plant-butter alternative that is 100% made of plants that has a similar mouthfeel and workability as cow-butter.
Be Better plant-butter is carefully designed to answer your needs:

Not just any type of plant: we have deliberately chosen not to work with soy and not to work with palm oil.

Not just any type of process: we have chosen to have our plant-butter as little processed as possible and for this reason we do not have any hydrogenated fats.

Not just any type of ingredient: we have chosen to have the cleanest possible plant-butter without zero artificial colouring and flavouring.

Not just any type of solution: our plant-butter offers a 9 month shelf life with consistent quality.

Be Better plant-butter is a sustainable butter. It has all the goodies of butter (workability, mouthfeel, universal use), and none of its baddies:

Be Better plant-butter does not harm animals

Be Better plant-butter protects the rainforest

Be Better plant-butter uses 69% less CO2 vs cow-butter

Be Better plant-butter uses 85% less water vs cow-butter

Actions speak louder than words. That is why Marike van Beurden, one of the founders of Be Better My Friend and a vegan pastry specialist has been working hard to proof how easy it is to 1:1 replace cow-butter with Be Better plant-butter. From cookies to cakes. From financiers to buttercreams, Marike has made comparison tests. Same ingredients, same recipe, same process.

The result: using Be Better plant-butter simply makes the pastry taste better.

A lot of chefs across Europe have also extensively tested our Be Better plant-butter in multiple pastry and none-pastry applications.

If you want to learn more what they think about Be Better plant-butter, please visit our website.